Below are some of my Client Testimonials


Just want to say how great Michelle was to work with. She was very patient with us in finding our new home in Pickering. We were constantly changing our minds on area, what we wanted etc. And she never complained. She was always quick to respond and very helpful in giving us informative and honest information. Thanks for all your help Michelle!


Michelle is the best real estate agent we have ever dealt with! We sold our house within 4 days, over asking price, with multiple offers and Michelle was there every step of the way. She is always on time and very knowledgeable, plus she has a great sense of humour and has integrity, which is very hard to find nowadays with real estate agents. Even though you know she has other clients, she makes you feel like you are her only clients and she is always reachable and gets back to you right away. We would definitely use her again in the future and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michelle to our friends and family!


I recently sold my house in a couple of days with Michelle and it was a pleasure working with her. She priced the house in the right price range. I always got a reply or an answer from her right away and she would always go the extra mile to help me with any questions I had. An excellent realtor who will work very hard for you. Highly recommended. Lee George


We were in the market for our first house in Ajax and chose Michelle to represent us as our realtor. Her energy from day one was remarkable and she had the charisma that we were confident in when putting in an offer. She was very helpful with any questions we had and always replied to us very quickly. She set us up on automatic listings based on our criteria and e-mailed us right away when a listing came out that we might be interested in. We could tell that she was going to be honest with us from the first day we met her. Michelle is very passionate about what she does and definitely put our needs first. We would without a doubt refer her to anyone looking to purchase a home!


Michelle is from start to finish the Realtor you want in your corner. Very well prepared and always available, you never have to wait long for an email, text, or phone call. As a first time home buyer, Michelle was the help I needed ever step along the way. I can honestly say that Michelle's experience, dedication, and passion for her work made the search for my first home a success. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a Realtor.


I recently had the joy of purchasing a home with Michelle. Hands down, you can't go wrong with her in your corner. From the start she was approachable, open, and very honest. Her feedback was always appreciated and never took more than a few minutes to get in contact with. A true professional who not only takes pride in the work they do, but also the work they put out. Thanks Michelle


My significant other and I got in touch with Michelle through the internet, and after meeting her for the very first time we knew she was the right agent for us. Not only did she have great knowledge of the area we were looking to purchase a home in, she was very honest and upfront so that really put us at ease. Whenever we wanted to go see a property she was able to get us in at a moment's notice with no hesitation which was great. She truly made us feel as though we were her only client's because her response time was almost instant. If I needed to speak with her regarding an urgent matter or just a general question I would hear back from her within a few minutes. Her dedication to us as her client's was outstanding! This was a first time home purchase for us and she really made the whole process feel easy. We had a wonderful experience with her and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. Thank you so much Michelle for helping us find the perfect home for us! Drinks by the pool soon ;) Daniela & Steve


We would definitely recommend Michelle if you are selling your home. She certainly knows her real estate Also she looks out for the clients best interest, always punctual for meetings and always returns your emails or phone calls in a timely manner. She is very professional. Thank you so much Michelle for selling our home in a very short time and getting over the asking price.


I was moving from Kingston to the Toronto area, and had no idea about where to find a good agent to assist me. I was contacted by various agents in the Pickering/Oshawa area, but one stood out above the rest. That was Michelle. I knew immediately that here was an agent who was really on the ball, and who was trying very hard to help me. I made an appointment to see some homes with Michelle, and I was overwhelmed by her knowledge of the market, her concern about finding exactly what I wanted, and above all her honesty. She called them as she saw them, and she showed a genuine concern for finding a good home for me in my price range. At no time did she suggest any property which was above my range, or to downplay any deficiencies in homes we saw. She was a person who I could trust implicitly to work on my behalf. Besides all that, she has a great personality, and I can say that I enjoyed very much what could have been a stressful experience. I ended the day by buying the house that was exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone as I believe without a doubt that she has to be the best real estate professional in the Toronto area.


Michelle, has just completed an Estate sale for my family. Michelle is a super energetic young woman, who was always available for my questions and phone calls. I was most impressed with her professionalism and her dedication to represent us and the property to all potential buyers. I am more than delighted to recommend Michelle to prospective clients. In fact, already have to several colleagues. Will not hesitate to have Michelle represent me again. John Hawkins.


When I decided to sell my home I went online looking for a realtor. I had plans of meeting with at least 3 before settling on the right one. By chance Michelle was the first realtor I met with and after she came to my home to discuss my needs, I was the one who was sold. I didn't need to meet any other realtors, I knew Michelle was the right one for me. She is passionate about her business and compassionate with her clients. Michelle is dedicated and always available. If I saw a house I wanted to see, I was there to view it the same day. There was always room in Michelle's schedule. Michelle was not just interested in quickly selling my home and turning me into a new one. She took the time to make sure I got the best deal for my home and even more time to make sure I was able to find a home that was in my budget and preferred neighbourhood. Once that house came to market , she made sure I got it. Buying and selling a home can very stressful, but having the right realtor can certainly ease that burden and I definitely had the right realtor. Michelle genuinely has the best interests of her clients at heart. She is a benchmark for realtors everywhere. My kids and I are about to move into what is the perfect home for us and I could not have done it without Michelle.


I want to take this opportunity to share my thoughts and admiration for a wonderful and professional friend and businesswoman, Michelle Makos. I have known Michelle for many years and watched her build a fantastic real estate career and now successful brokerage through her hard work and dedication to her clients. I always knew that when the opportunity came where I needed someone to handle my real estate needs, it would be without a doubt, Michelle. Her high level of true professionalism, knowledge of the area and neighbourhoods and real estate details are above and beyond any others in the field. The idea of selling a home after 20 years and purchasing was a daunting thought. In my situation, I had special circumstances and specific needs. Myself and my partner were both selling homes, mine a townhouse and his a condo, we were moving in together to start a new life together as well as my young adult daughters would be moving in with us to create a blended family. We had decided that the girls should have their own private living area as they were older now, young ladies who needed a bit more independence in their lives and wanted to give them their own 'pad' :) As well we wanted to start our lives together with our own living space also. We were hoping to find a home that had 2 levels of living in order to create this, plus we needed 4 car parking---not an easy task to deliver! Right from the beginning, Michelle guided us and started giving us information and listings and suggestions as we began to search for something suitable for our needs. I wasn't prepared at all for the recent style of real estate circumstances that are currently in vogue of multiple offers, holding offers, and tremendously fast paced action that needed to be taken in order to be able to be able to acquire a home. Michelle was on top of everything with amazing and knowledgeable advice, and made the procedures we went through easy to understand and painless. She was honest and made me understand what was realistic for us and our needs and kept to what made sense for us, and protected our interests and really 'went to bat' for us.... We had started out wanting only a specific area, but soon realized that renovations would be involved with the price point we wished to be at. We found a couple of great places we thought but didn't work out, which was good, because if Michelle hadn't been there protecting our interests, they wouldn't have been good choices after all. Her and anyone she suggested to assist in the process such as lawyers, home inspectors etc, were all top notch and amazing. I can honestly say if Michelle hadn't been there through this several month process, I wouldn't have made it without her. I trust her opinion, work ethic and her, implicitly. Michelle sold two homes for us for the price we wanted, directed us through every step along the way, and when we had almost given up hope to find such a specific home that we really needed to make our family work, we came upon our new home! It was a little further than I had wanted, but she had told me all along this was the area I needed...lol...yes you were right, Michelle! This home was totally renovated and had two separate living areas, a big lot and a great wrap around deck and a big driveway. It checked off all the boxes. And the price was perfect for us and manageable. She delivered everything we needed....but the main thing I appreciated out of this experience was her guidance through all the procedures needed to make it all happen...smoothly and at the right days and times. Her fantastic attitude and personality is a bonus and great attribute to her position in the real estate field. If anyone is buying or selling a home in the Durham Region or anywhere for that matter, the best by far, far , far is Michelle Makos!! Michelle, thank you so much for all your help. I will never forget the efforts you have made for us over the last few months, as we begin our new life together. Love and Best Wishes, Astrid Therien Steve Pawlett


Michelle, Your service was beyond what I could have expected. Upon the first home I saw with my parents you clearly stated that was "not" the home for them. You are very honest and a great person overall. You kept showing them homes until we got lucky and found a great one. They called, you picked up the phone and responded all questions properly. You certainly have our business onwards.


Michelle was referred to me by a good friend - aren't referrals what it's all about?! Michelle brings such a great energy and attitude to the experience of selling a house. She knows the Real Estate business inside and out, and she is such a fun and happy person to work with! She always has time to answer questions and really makes you feel like you are important to her. From the beginning Michelle was available to us immediately, even working double time while I was in California on business and showings were lining up like crazy! At the end of the transaction, things started to feel a little shaky and with one text to Michelle's number, she was on the line with me and all involved parties to make sure our closing went through without a hitch. Warm, loveable and experienced. Thanks, Michelle for a smooth sale and encouraging words for our whole family as we started fresh in a new community! Kristen & Matt Noah, Abby & Meaghan


I found Michelle while researching on internet for to sale my house. I called couple of Agents to come and give me free home evaluation. They came and tried their best to sign me up instead of focusing on what I want :). Michelle was the only one who didn't try to force me. So when I was ready to sale my house , I called her and after couple of her visits, I signed an agreement. She sold my house in a week and sold it for more than asking price. She had plans for everything and every situation. True professional, always available and keep you posted for every little details. We are glad we found her :) Thanks a lot Michelle for everything you did to sale our house....


Hello.. We just purchased our beautiful home and I just wanted to share with everyone about the fantastic person with whom we had the pleasure working for us as our agent. Her name is Michelle Makos, ive know Michelle now over 7 years and although I wasn’t in the market at the time to purchase, she helped me with some rental property that I was interested in at time and I never forgot what a professional person she was to work with. So now that we were in the market to purchase Michelle was our natural choice for our agent and because of her professionalism and her persistence and dictation we would like to thank her for making our dreams come true with the purchase of our beautiful home. Thank you Michelle David & Maria


We were lucky to find Michelle while we were looking for a home online. We were very specific with our move location and Michelle went to work for us right away. Even when we found homes that "could work," Michelle's advice and opinions kept us from settling. With her captivating, friendly, selfless, professional personality, Michelle quickly felt like family. She never once thought of her sale and only had ours and our family's best interest at heart. She found us the perfect home and in turn, we used Michelle to sell our current home. Buying and selling a home is normally one of the most stressful times, but knowing Michelle was in our corner kept us at ease. We have purchased and sold through Michelle and for anyone who does not have Michelle in their corner....tough luck! We highly recommend Michelle and will definitely use her in the future.


I work in real estate development and management. On a personal basis I sought a local (Pickering/Durham) realtor for a related-party home resale. and fortunately I came across Michelle. I've worked with numerous realtors in Canada and the U.S. on both home resales and commercial real estate. I found Michelle as professional and attentive as any I have encountered in my 20 years in the business. Moreover, I have to say she is at the very top in my experience with realtors in trustworthiness and in client-first focus (over business-first). If you or anyone you know requires a realtor for a home resale or a purchase-shop, I highly recommend Michelle. (And a word of warning -- fasten your seat belt, and be prepared to work hard to keep up. She's a rocket.)


I work in real estate development and management. On a personal basis I sought a local (Pickering/Durham) realtor for a related-party home resale. and fortunately I came across Michelle. I've worked with numerous realtors in Canada and the U.S. on both home resales and commercial real estate. I found Michelle as professional and attentive as any I have encountered in my 20 years in the business. Moreover, I have to say she is at the very top in my experience with realtors in trustworthiness and in client-first focus (over business-first). If you or anyone you know requires a realtor for a home resale or a purchase-shop, I highly recommend Michelle. (And a word of warning -- fasten your seat belt, and be prepared to work hard to keep up. She's a rocket.)


We met Michelle when she was finding a home for our son. We were immediately captivated by her energy and infectious attitude. We hired her to find a house for our daughter and we zeroed in on her first recommend. That's how effective Michelle is. She listened to our requirements, assessed our needs, and was readily available for house visits and inspections. She is a no nonsense straight shooter, and very willing to share critical information. We found her to be knowledgeable, and highly resourceful.


Michelle is a rock star! I found Michelle on the internet and I contacted her looking for a townhouse in Whitby. I was a little apprehensive as, like most people, I usually hate being "sold" (or pushed into) stuff. Michelle earned my trust very quickly. Looking for houses with Michelle is like shopping with a friend who has your best interests at heart. She was just as quick to point out the negative as she was to point out the positive - which I very much appreciated. She was patient and kind. Quick to respond to my many emails. There was zero pressure. It was clear that she didn't just want to sell me a house - she wanted to help me find the right place for ME. In the end, the place I fell in love with went to multiple offers (of course! everyone's nightmare! 9 offers!). This is where Michelle's experience and professionalism really shone through. She helped navigate me through the situation - while staying on budget and keeping my nerves in check - and helped me get the place I wanted. Her knowledge and experience in the market is obvious. I will not hesitate to recommend Michelle to my family and friends. She really is a rock star...


I met Michelle through a friend who said she is the best agent I could possibly have. She was right! When I met Michelle I was immediately impressed with her energy and vast knowledge of the market. She left no stone unturned as she worked tirelessly to help me to find the perfect Condo. She is a strong negotiator and is always available to answer questions and offer advice. I was so impressed with her abilities that I had her list my home after having an unsuccessful experience with another agent. She said it would sell in within a couple weeks and it did, and I got the price I was looking for. Michelle is the type of person that always has your best interests at heart. She is a dedicated professional, with a great sense of humour. Michelle has the ability to turn the stressful task of selling or buying a home into a very happy, positive experience. Her knowledge of which areas are good and bad makes it easy to narrow down your search and not waste time. Michelle has that rare, natural ability to make things happen. If you want to find the perfect home for you, call Michelle Makos!


Michelle was recommended to me by brother whom she had helped find a house the year before. As a young, first time home buyer I can't stress how important it was to have Michelle's help. She makes sure to answer any and all questions, and even offers up important info without you having to ask. Furthermore, Michelle has the clients best interest at heart, and isn't out to just make a quick sale. She told me to steer clear from homes that weren't in the best neighbourhoods or were not suitable to my needs even though they were of more value. The most important part of working with Michelle is that she generates the feeling that she cares about where you end up. She's relate-able, funny, and a pleasure to work with while still maintaining her professional persona. I would recommend her in a heart beat and plan to use Michelle for any future real estate endeavours I may have


Michelle Makos is the real deal! Her professionalism, tenacity and infectious enthusiasm distinguishes her from other agents. You know exactly where you stand and what to expect. Michelle went above and beyond when it came to guiding us through the process for selling our house. Our emails and phone calls were answered within minutes and it is evident that she is highly regarded by her peers. As a Director for TREB, she is extremely ethical and I witnessed first hand her educating other agents who visited our property with their clients and left our home in unsatisfactory conditions. I have sold several properties, but I have never had an agent work harder for me. Michelle makes it abundantly clear your needs come first. She is more than an agent, she has now become a very good friend. Thank you for the edification, support and guidance during this real estate transaction


Having Michelle to assist us in buying our dream home was truly a blessing and her assistance is selling was exceptional. Michelle made our buying experience joyful and exciting. We'd recommend her elite representation to anyone considering buying or selling their home.


Thank you Michelle for making my second sale with you an easy and calming experience. When it came time to our family to sell my dads condo, I knew you were the lady for the job. Your knowledge of what we should do was incredibly helpful in the decisions we made as a family. In the future when I am in the market and need an agent looking out for my best interest, I will be calling on you. I will also recommend you to anyone else who needs a great agent in what can be difficult and trying times. Again, thank you for all of your patience and time. Sincerely, The Cross family


We just bought our first home in Whitby and must say thanks to Michelle for her true professionalism and great service she brought to us! She answered all our requests very efficently as she was there only for us. With Michelle's help, the whole buying process was very smooth and well informed. It was a great pleasure to work with her. Thank you, Michelle!


We can't recommend Michelle enough! We were new to Durham region and found Michelle online. After speaking to her once on the phone, we just knew she would be a perfect realtor for us. She's friendly, approachable and made us first time homebuyers feel comfortable, even with our million questions! Always readily available, she was there to help us every step of the way. We looked at MANY houses from Whitby to Ajax to Pickering and Michelle was always patient and kind, reassuring us that our house would come along. Once we found our house, Michelle wrote up our contract and the very next day we met with the sellers and finalized the deal. We couldn't be more happy with our house and with our experience with Michelle. She was a pleasure to work with and we can & will recommend her to friends & family!


Michelle rocks!! Moving from Toronto to Whitby was a big change for me and our family. I was also 9 months pregnant at the timr we were looking. After meeting Michelle, we had a instant connection, she knew exactly what we were looking for, which made the process of buying a home easier. During my home visits my 4yr. daughter Bella would accompany us and michelle kept her entertaintained while my husband and I looked through the homes. This was going above and beyond her role as a real estate agent. I really appreciated it and Bella found a new friendship with you. Sure enough during one of our home visit, my water breaks. Here come baby. We decided to buy the last home we saw and Michelle took care of the deal while I was having my baby. Arriving home a few days later, I was happy to hear that Michelle got us our house. We are now happy home owners in Whitby. I now consider Michelle a friend and bella constantly want to go see Michelle. Thank you Michelle!


Michelle was truly an exceptional person to work with. Her personality combined with her experience makes an amazing combo when looking to purchase a home. Thank you Michelle for helping us buy our first home!!!


My husband and I sold 1 and bought 2 houses with Michelle. She truly cares about her clients and wants them to find just what they are looking for. Michelle has an energy about her that you just can't help but love! She was always easy to get a hold of by phone or email, and gave us staging tips that had our last house sold in 10 DAYS! We have recommended her to family/friends and will continue to do so!


Michelle has been a very good friend of mine for more than 10 yrs. You know what they say about doing business with friends? Well...."they" are wrong!!! Dave & I bought our first home together with the help of Michelle. Selling and buying can be one of the biggest stresses in life........but with Michelle, it WASN'T!!! Michelle is a go-getter, motivated, knowledgable and caring Real Estate Agent. She kept in contact with us everyday and was always there to field all of the questions that we threw at her. Michelle made this whole process fun and effortless!!! We're now in our beautiful new home and we couldn't have done it without you Michelle!!! You are the BEST and I wouldn't hesitate to refer you to other friends, peers and co-workers. From the bottom of our hearts ~ Thanks Michelle :)


My daughter and I went searching for the right salesperson to find a home for us IMMEDIATELY....quite a tall order for a home search...we found friends and new friends...and then, there was MICHELLE, the miracle worker...she answered quickly and swiftly she worked after 2 weeks, SHE Made IT happen!!!! We found our new Home...I thank God for the GIFT of Michelle Makos. She had everything in her package, tips, what to do's...what not to do's....and more...LOVE!!!! What more can we ask for... To all you out there, if you need a miracle worker....finding the right home...call Michelle Makos!!! And then, you will experience the lady at her BEST!!! The Special Worker...Remax should be proud of her!!!


Michelle is amazing!! She made our whole home buying experience so fun, comfortable, and easy. She is always prompt and helps you get exactly what you want. She puts clients' needs and wants first. There is never any pressure to make a decision and she will help you make the right one. Thank you does not even come close enough for our gratitude to Michelle. Thank you so much!!!


Michelle was great. Had a couple hicups that she took care of right away. She's down to earth, tells you what you need to hear, not just want to want to hear. I would and plan to use her again when it comes time to sell. thanks Michelle


Thank You So Much MICHELLE !!.. MICHELLE SOLD our house for $15K OVER ASKING PRICE !!! in 5 DAYS !!. She made every effort to make us feel confident that she would sell our house and was always there for us. She takes great pride in what she does and you will NEVER find another agent as competent as her ! I would never think twice if we ever listed a house again but to call her..Thank you so much Michelle for making our dream a reality !!


Michelle is truly the best in Durham !! Anyone out there reading this ... I have to say this girl knows her real estate. This women found the house of our dreams in just a few days. Although we put her to the test, she passed with flying colors. (not sure how she put up with us.) Don't waste anytime - if your looking for a home ... or wanting to sell ... call Michelle, she makes dreams come true !!!!! All the best Michelle !!! and Thank you for everything!


As a first home buyer not to mention a single female doing this whole thing by themselves I was petrified. I had a million reasons why I "just couldn't right now" when by fluke I came across Michelle's website. After speaking with Michelle on the phone for the first time EVERYTHING seemed so much clearer and easier. She has made this entire process very clear and simple for me; from viewing properties, to paper work etc.... I never questioned whose side she was on and thanks to her I am a very proud new home owner! Thanks Michelle you are awesome


We loved working with Michelle! She was always positive and helpful, making sure that we were always well informed and comfortable during the selling process. Michelle walked us through the process, and took the time to patiently explain certain details if we asked. Michelle was always professional and reliable, and we trust her completely. She exceeded our expectations and we feel very lucky to have had her as our agent. Now that we've sold our house, we consider her a friend. Thank you, Michelle!


For everyone reading this! Michelle is the most amazing realtor you would every find. She is very knowledgeable, confident, honest, and reliable and has the greatest sense of humor. My husband and I went through a list of realtors on the internet and without reading Michelle testimonials, we choose her. It was the best decision we made. Buying our first home, the thought was nice, however as we began the process of finding a home I started to become stress out, I remember saying to Michelle - I felt after we would have found our home, I will end up suffering from hypertension, her response was “leave it to me, you guys would get your home and will be fine”. She was not kidding. Michelle found our home in less than 3 weeks, and she knew exactly what we wanted. She helped us step by step and VOILA! She found the perfect home for us, she is awesome. No words can express our gratitude to Michelle, she has a special place in our lives.


Contacting Michelle when we wanted to sell our house was the best thing my husband and I could have ever done! Not only did she keep my mind at ease during short time it took for us to get an offer and sell our home, she believed that our home was worth what we believed it was worth! Michelle is the greatest and we will for sure let everyone that we know that is thinking of selling their home to contact Michelle! Michelle, you are truly the best!


Michelle made selling our home and buying our new one simple, easy and stress free! We were new to the selling/buying experience, but Michelle walked us through the process, kept our mind at ease and sold and bought our house within one week of each other. More importantly though, Michelle was able to help us find our new home and get it at the right price as well. Thanks Michelle for doing an outstanding job and we highly recommend your services and expertise to anyone looking to buy or sell.


Thank you for the time you spent, the energy you gave and stress you took from us!!! I wish you nothing but the best as you are truly gifted at what you do and we couldn't have done it with out you! I think you should be recognized and awarded in your line of work...I truly think you are one of the best! Thanks again...Michelle


Michelle Makos is the BEST! Within the first few minutes of meeting Michelle we felt as though we had known her for years. We didn’t know what to expect in selling our First home and Michelle made the ride very easy! Her professionalism, friendly demeanor and knowledge of real estate made this chapter in our lives a success with an end result of the wonderful SOLD sign on our lawn! We wanted the BEST and we got the BEST! We highly recommend Michelle to anyone and everyone! We can’t thank you enough! Thanks Michelle.


We can't thank you enough for taking such good care of us during this "adventure". You are awesome at what you do. You made sure everything was done perfectly. We appreciate all your time, energy and efforts to make this a special time for us. We wish you all the success in the whole world, you deserve it !!!!!


Michelle did an excellent job representing my mom on the sale of her condo. She sold the condo within days of listing. Michelle is very detailed and patient with explanation of procedures and forms. Her presentation material and researching was perfection. She always keeps in contact either by phone or E-mail with updates. It was important for me to get updates because I was acting as power of attorney for the condo sale. Michelle is definitely an asset to Sutton Group. I would recommend her to anyone interested in the sale of their home or property.


I really don't know how to put into words just how wonderful an experience Michelle made purchasing a house for me, but I'm going to try! I was a first time home buyer and worried at how difficult the process might be, but because of how Michelle handles things, it was less stressful then standing in line at Walmart! She was patient with all my questions, (and believe me, I was non-stop with them)gave me excellent referrals for a mortgage broker and a lawyer,and was able to help me find the house that instantly felt like home. Her confidence, energy, knowledge and sense of humour made the experience stress free, and very enjoyable. Personally, when it comes to selling or purchasing in the future, I wouldn't have to even think of who to use, I know it would be Michelle, automatically! I have complete confidence and trust in Michelle and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking for an agent to have things done right, and to give you peace of mind!Michelle..thanks again so much! You're simply fantastic and have made the whole experience easy, enjoyable and stress free! Thank you and all the best!!


Michelle Makos is an extremely dedicated real estate professional with an incredible work ethic, a very pleasant demeanour, and an incredible sense of humour. She is a good listener who tunes into her client's needs and tastes very quickly. My wife and I were constantly impressed by the fact that Michelle always returns phone calls promptly - usually within 5 minutes or less - and is always positive and enthusiastic. Michelle also has a keen sense of business and excellent marketing and writing skills. She has excellent negotiating skills and secured the second property - a townhouse in Uxbridge that we wanted for our daughter - quickly, and well within our budget. At all times, Michelle maintained the highest level of professionalism and composure during the negotiations. My wife Stephanie and I highly recommend Michelle Makos as a real estate agent. If you are looking for a first, second, or investment property, Michelle knows every corner of the Eastern GTA area. She is a hard worker and someone you can absolutely trust. John & Stephanie


As a first time seller - I had absolutely no idea how to go about putting my condo up for sale. One call to Michelle changed that !!!! She took the time to explain everything to me - with no pressure. From the moment we said "go" I just sat back and let Michelle do all the work!! All of my queries were answered quickly and effeciently, and I was given feedback on a regular basis so I never felt out of the loop. Not only was my condo sold during an "off peak" month, it was quickly and at a price I am very pleased with. Thanks Michelle.


If you know what you want, then sit back and let Michelle make it happen! Michelle made my home search faster and easier than I thought possible. She truly listened to what I wanted in price, features and location -- then she set out non-stop and was always in quick and easy reach by phone, email/blackberry and text. Michelle was also able to give me some sound advice and good contacts to purchase and close my home with very little time and effort on my part, which was exactly what I wanted. Many thanks Michelle - you're the best!


Michelle was recommended to us by a friend when we were looking to sell our first home. As soon as we saw her site and read some of her clients' experiences, we knew that she was the right realtor for us; which was definitively confirmed during our first meeting with her. Her enthusiasm and industry knowledge blew us away and helped us to become much more excited than nervous about selling our home. Michelle took the time to sit and talk with us. She was very accomodating about answering all of our questions (this was our first time selling a house), and never made us feel like we were asking "dumb" questions. She has been very responsive, and all of our emails and calls have been answered very quickly. Thanks to Michelle, our house sold in just a week at 99.6% of our asking price! We have already recommended her to our friends, and will continue to do so! Thanks, Michelle!!


Michelle was a wonderful help to us! It took seeing MANY houses before finding the perfect one that would suit our blended family. She helped us through ever step of the process and ensured we were happy with it all. Thank you, thank you!!


Michelle made buying our first home a joyous experience. We absolutely loved working with her. Her great sense of humor and professionalism kept our search for a new home stress free. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Rebecca and Erich


As I was moving out of the province and needed a relatively short closing date, I was very anxious about selling my house in time and getting a fair price for it. Michelle's professional service and advice resulted in my house being sold to everyones satisfaction within 13 days of the for sale sign going up. In addition, her upbeat, postive and caring attitude kept me on an even keel in a stressful situation and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.


Michelle made buying our first home a great but more importantly a fun experience. Not only is she our Realtor but quickly became family during the past 3 years. Our Realtor for life..! Thanks Michelle...!! Jack & Shannon


Michelle brings such a great energy and attitude to the experience of buying & selling a house. She knows the Real Estate business inside and out, and she is such a fun and happy person to work with! She always has time to answer questions and really makes you feel like you are important to her. We have recommended her to family and friends and will continue to do so. Buying/selling a house can be a very stressful time, but Michelle makes it fun and exciting too!


We easily found Michelle on-line and she was able to give us an idea of what our house was worth. After that she was more than patient while we decided what we wanted to do with our house. Once we finally decided to go ahead and sell, it sold in 1 day!!!! After that Michelle helped us in our hunt for a new house and we found that too! We have no problem recommending Michelle to anyone in search of an agent, whether they are buying or selling. Thanks Michelle and Noah misses you


I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with Michelle now on 2 home sales and 2 home purchases. The sale of my last home could not have gone better. Her professionalism is matched by her enthusiasm and loyalty to her clients. The presentation brochure of my home was far and away the best i have ever seen. I have kept copies of it to show my friends!! Wow!! The house was priced right based on her market analysis and it sold for almost the asking price. On my purchase she worked with me and was more than accommodating when it came to seeing houses. In the end we found a house that suited my needs and she was not afraid to voice her opinion on all of the houses we saw. That sets her apart for other agents who are simply in it for the deal. She was genuinely looking out for my best interests and to get the home that met my needs. I would recommend her in an instant with confidence. She is the first agent that i have worked with again and if i want to buy/sell again i am calling Michelle!!


As a first time home buyer, I was somewhat nervous about the actual process of buying, and also what to look for. I had worked with a few other realtor's before accidently stumbling onto Michelle. Michelle was patient, understanding, and went out of her way to make sure that any concerns were addressed immediately. I felt immediately comfortable around her. At a time when I was running into situations, Michelle pulled me back to a walking pace and was the voice of reason. She had nothing except my best interests at heart. Michelle is a fantastic person both professionally and personally. She was really easy to get along with, always had a smile, and was available to answer any question I had virtually 24 hrs a day. Even after the closing date, Michelle still kept in touch to make sure that everything was going well. A definite plus. If you want someone who takes great pride in their work, and is as equally knowledgeable about real estate, Michelle Makos is the only one you need to deal with. Thanks Michelle. You made it happen!


I found Michelle on the internet when I was looking to find out about property values in Pickering and what I could expect to sell our home for. My husband and I were separating and he elected to go with another realtor as he was taken aback by Michelle's positive energy. The other realtor had the property on the market for two weeks and nothing was happening. The only people viewing the property were other realtors from the same company as the one retained and we were already being given the suggestion to lower our price. We changed to Michelle and within less than two weeks' time our house was sold, with no price reduction. She was highly professional, exposed our property extensively in that short time and the deal closed without a hitch! What a woman. She's a very positive force to be reckened with and will serve all those she represents professionally, expediently, and with a wonderful sense of calm and humour, no matter what. Thank you so much Michelle for assisting us.

By: Deborah & Alexis Ford

“Michelle was great ! She made buying our first home a wonderful experience. We talked about what we were looking for and within a week, had our first home. It was great working with Michelle and I would recommend her highly to anyone !!”


I found Michelle over the internet. I didn't know what to expect at first but it turned out to be the best decision I could have made! She is a true professional in her field. During these tough economic conditions, we were able to sell our property in less than 2 weeks! Throughout the process, she stays on top of all issues and she makes sure that you are well informed via email/phone/text. I'm very impressed with her work and without hesitation, i would refer her to friends and family! Thanks again Michelle.


”Michelle was fantastic to work with in my quest to find my first home. Being a single mom with two kids with skyrocketing rent costs, I did not think that there would be anything within my price range. Working together, we found a place that was great price, lots of extras and in a nice neighbourhood. She helped me with finding the right financing for my needs and budget. This was a big help for a first time home buyer. Thanks again, Michelle !“


I have recently had the pleasure of working with Michelle Makos on the sale of my home. With Michelle at the wheel the entire process was simple and stress free. Michelle is the consummate professional all the while making me feel like part of her family. Her attentiveness and personal touch really sets her above anyone that I have previously dealt with. My home sold in less than a week for well over asking! I couldn't be more happy. If you are looking for a realtor that has your best interest at heart, look no further than Michelle Makos!!


"Working with Michelle was a true pleasure - her professionalism and knowledge about the real estate market was very valuable! We would highly recommend her experience and positive attitude to any potential home buyers or sellers - thanks Michelle!"

By: David Styles

For first-time home buyers and sellers, Michelle Makos is the perfect real estate agent. As a first time seller, I can testify to this. However, in my opinion, she is the perfect realtor for anyone wishing to buy or sell. Prior to selecting a realtor, I carefully picked four candidates, based on available references and met with each one. All four realtors were very good and knew their business, but Michelle stood out. After assessing my home, Michelle quickly demonstrated her skills for decision making and her valuable experience by identifying specific strategies for selling my home. Michelle was also very honest in describing her opinions for techniques that work and don’t work. She was also very perceptive in sensing my own preferences on how the process should be handled. If these traits were not enough, Michelle comes across as a person who loves her business and exudes confidence, positive energy and a sense of humour. Therefore, I decided that Michelle was definitely the realtor that I wanted “in my corner”, guiding me through the process as a first-time seller and as a negotiator regarding the eventual terms of the prospective sale. The sales process fully validated my selection of Michelle as the correct one. Even though I was apprehensive as a first-time seller, she told me it would be a positive experience and it definitely was, mainly due to her. Michelle was always responsive to my questions and needs, including key contacts for minor repairs and other things. She was very knowledgeable about the required forms and, as a good teacher, was always courteous to explain the individual clauses within a contract. Though my personal tendencies are to be somewhat slow and methodical, Michelle took the initiative to keep the process on the target schedule, always keeping my best interests in mind. Michelle’s marketing skills, through feature sheets and the information placed on the Internet, were very effective, precise and to the point, not overstated or understated in any way. This resulted in many showings after the initial listing. When I was away for business or personal reasons, Michelle fully demonstrated here responsibility by looking after my place and contacting me when there were important matters and issues to discuss. In evaluating offers, Michelle provided frank advice to expedite the agreement and to maximize the benefits, under the circumstances. I witnessed all those positive attributes, while experiencing all those traits which I saw in Michelle during the initial meeting with her: the positive energy; the sense of humour; the confidence and reassuring nature; and the optimism and drive to succeed. In summary, it would be an understatement to say working with Michelle was a very positive experience. I would recommend her to anyone who would be involved in a real estate transaction. You will not regret the results or the experience. I wish Michelle all the best.

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!